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Tamil Nadu is one of the most urbanized and most progressive states in India. It leads most of the states on several economic indicators. It is the 4th largest contributor to the country’s direct tax revenues. The net collection recorded by the region during financial year 2016-17 is Rs.60554crores, which works out to 7.27% of all India collections.

It is pertinent to note that Tamil Nadu and Puducherryregion has shown a significant increase from Rs.4590 crores in financial year 2001-02 to Rs.60554 crores in financial year 2016-17. The tax base has also gone up from 26.07 lakhs in 2001-02 to 35.45 lakhs in financial year 2016-17.Similarly, the number of returns filed increased from 12.10 lakhs in 2001-02 to 28.35 lakhs in 2016-17.

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